Pool Time!


After much anticipation the time has come for construction to start on the pool.  The photos below were taken just before construction and throughout the entire process.  We are installing a fiberglass pool from San Juan pools and Capitol Pools is doing the construction.

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Panorama of back yard from kitchen door.  Click the picture below for a large panorama view of yard

View from rear yard next to shed                                View from side yard next to driveway



Day One - Prep Work

Caiti's first question when she saw it - "Can drive it!"

Click the picture below for a large panorama view of yard

View from rear  yard.                                                   Ready to dig.



Day Two - Show Time!

Stone dust is delivered for the bottom of the hole.      Digging the shallow end


Click the picture below for a large panorama view of yard

Still digging...half way there.                                       Pouring the concrete for the equipment pad.


Checking the depth of hole


Now the screed boards are installed to set the depth of the stone dust in the bottom of pool.


Once the stone dust is leveled with the screed the boards are removed and the hole is ready for a pool.

The crane and the pool arrived at 2:00


The pool has to be flipped before they can install it.



Now the pool is moved over the house and set in the hole.




End of the second day. 

Day Three - Plumbing and Equipment installation

These are return lines bringing filtered/treated           This is the skimmer and drain lines going to the pump and filter.
water back into the pool from the pump. 


The pump is the small black thing on the left and the filter is on the right.  The "lump" in the lower
pipe coming out of the filter is the automatic chlorinator.  It takes the salt water in the pool and
creates chlorine by breaking apart the salt molecules.  Remember that chemistry you never thought
you would use after high school?  (NaCl = SALT = SODIUM + CHLORIDE -)


Finished plumbing running to the pool.


Day Four - "Flowable Fill" and Water

"Flowable Fill" is the product used to fill the gap around the pool below ground level.  It hardens like concrete but it is easier to remove than concrete if you need to excavate to repair a problem.  It is delivered in a cement truck and then pumped through pipes and hoses to the pool.  The pool is filled with water at the same time the fill is added outside the pool to equalize the pressure on the walls of the pool.

Here are some pictures before the fill is added.  Notice the gaps between the edge of pool and the yard.


 The pool is being filled...                                           The area around the pool is now being filled...


The concrete truck dumps the "flowable fill" into the concrete pumping truck and the mixture is pumped
over the roof of the house to the backyard.


Finished product.  The black area is the "flowable fill".


Memorial Day Weekend - No work while everyone takes a break

Well not everyone took a break... Caiti and Nancy decided they just HAD to try the pool out.  They reasoned that the pool was
no dirtier than swimming in the river so "why not?"  Caiti said it was like swimming in a nuclear accident site.

Here are the pictures from our first pool party in "Chernobyl".

Getting that pesky construction fence out of the way and cleaning the bench.


Easing into the 70 degree water

Relaxing by the pool.  Check out the mud on her feet. LOL


Second Week


Well the pace has slowed down.  This week the grading was done to try and make the yard look like a yard again.


Moving all this dirt has taken it's toll on the pool water.




A ditch was dug from the house to the shed to run the conduit that would carry electricity to the shed.  IT was hard dirty work but the poll now has power.

There is a ground wire attached to the rear side of the pump.  This wire runs to the pool and will be used to ground all of the reinforcing wire in the concrete.



Saturday afternoon after the electricians left we fired up the pump and filter to start getting the water cleaned up.  The 74 degrees shown in the picture was from Sunday morning.  The pool water was 81 degrees on Saturday afternoon when the pool was first started up.  It's "SWIMMIN' " time!


Fourth Week - Concrete

First the forms were placed according to our design


Then the concrete was delivered the following day.


And now it is starting to look like a pool!!